525 america

A digital home for 525 America

eCommerce / Visual design

525 America has been creating high quality, contemporary women’s knitwear since 1983. Dovetailing with their new brand identity, 525 America approached Unified Theory to redesign their website experience.




525 america website.jpg

applying the brand

Built on the work we had completed for the brand, we applied the new look across a custom Shopify solution, to further instill the heritage of the company, and again prove that it's an established player within the competitive landscape.

525 America website homepage and clothing collections

shopping on the go

The previous website was largely a desktop-only experience. While customers between 25 – 34 years old were spending more time on the site, conversions were low and the majority of sales were made in stores by older demographics. The new site is fully responsive across devices, to ensure both customer demographics receive the same quality experience online, making it easier to carry through with purchases wherever they are.

525 America Responsive website

product cards

Collection and product cards are created in proportion to each other across the site. Subtle transitions are used to create a sense of sophistication while keeping the experience simple.

525 America responsive website branded clothing and collection cards
525 America product detail and checkout pages of blonde model in lurex tunic
525 America Instagram account with street style model
525 America Homepage featured products of blonde model wearing luxurious sweater


525 america responsive.jpg