525 america

Reviving New York heritage

Brand Strategy / Brand Identity / Brand Communications / Research

525 America has been creating high quality, contemporary women’s knitwear since 1983. With roots in Brooklyn, they have a rich history and heritage anchored to 7th Avenue. 525 America chose Unified Theory as their branding firm to revive and refresh the brand to better reflect the company heritage in a modern age.





research and analysis

Through brand workshops with the senior stakeholders we helped define the brand story, their goals for the new brand, and identified and researched the competition through perceptual mapping of brands in the same space.



strategy deck.jpg

defining the brand

Through defining a common language that the client could use to describe the brand, including who the company was, what they do and why they do it, we honed in on characteristics and attributes around the brand. This served as our north star, informing all brand work going forward.

525 America Logo
525 America Model in heritage collection sweater

crafting an American identity

The demographic of 525 America skews to an older audience, and our challenge was to design a contemporary mark that would not only live within the competitive landscape, but also appeal to a younger audience while still retaining interest from their core customers. The result is a minimal, custom-crafted typographic mark that reflects an established, trusted brand.

525 America branded hangtags
525 America clothing label displaying name and year founded
525 America clothing hangtag showing logo
525 America black and white business cards marketing materials
525 America typography set in Trade Gothic typeface
525 America color palette with black, blue, white and grey colors
525 America grid system describing how to lay out logos for collateral

bringing it all together

We created a flexible grid system to be used across all marketing materials, with logotype lock-ups specific to the application. Looking to the history of New York itself for typographic inspiration, we pulled references from vintage billboards, street signs and store-fronts. We paired our newly-crafted mark with the classic Trade Gothic typeface, contrasting with the wider logotype letterforms.

525 America marketing materials
525 America Born in Brooklyn tagline


525 America model
525 America marketing materials brand


525 America tagline It's all about the Sweater
525 Animated logo with brunette model posing in pink sweater
525 America Instagram account with latest sweater styles




525 america brand manual.png

closing the loop

To round out the brand work for 525 America, the new brand was applied to a new eCommerce website. View the case study

525 America responsive website displayed on iPad with latest collections of sweaters