palau prevention unit

Smoke-free environments 

Concept Development / Visual Design / Campaign

Palau, situated in Micronesia, is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Turquoise water, white sand beaches and undisturbed jungle make it a top destination for tourists worldwide. While its beauty may be more subtle than that of the ocean and the islands, Palau's clean air is one of its most important natural resources. The constant influx of visitors brings along unwanted baggage — secondhand smoke. We partnered up with copywriter John Simpson and planner and strategist Vaughn Allen to execute on this campaign.

The initiative recently won awards in the Graphis 2018 Typography Awards, 2018 HOW International Design Awards, and the 2018 HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards.





gaining insight into smokers

While anti-smoking campaigns can be effective particularly when targeting youth who may be deciding whether or not to try smoking in the first place, they tend to be less effective when applied to established smokers, whose behavior is far more ingrained and harder to change.

To make a significant impact on the amount of secondhand smoking that occurs, we have to be significantly effective with established smokers.


palau prevention unit billboard.jpg

Make your own decision about smoking. And let others do the same.

The campaign spreads a positive message about celebrating the right to breathe air that is free of toxins and pollutants. Rather than showcasing extreme graphic imagery or scare tactics typically found in anti-smoking campaigns, Share the Air utilizes a bold, graphic feel that borrows from Palauan culture. We combined this with custom typography across headlines.

Share the Air logo
Second-hand smoke facts for Palau
Share the Air print and tote bag
Share the Air buttons and t-shirt on Pacific Islander

Effective Social activation

To elevate the branded campaign among a younger audience, we created sets of images and headlines that utilize our branded approach. The bold, graphic nature of posts again reflect the campaign's positive personality, while also highlighting the beauty of Palau in framed silhouettes.

Share the Air Instagram Campaign

fun in the sun

A “Share the Air” event in which members of the community all came together to “draw” the Share the Air logo on the beach in an environmentally friendly way, by drawing it with powdered chalk.

The logo on the beach was large enough to be seen by airplanes passing overhead, helping spread our message of sharing the air, not second-hand smoke.