martine séverin

A curious and playful brand identity

Positioning / Brand Identity / Collateral

Martine Séverin is a Chicago-based photographer who specializes in creating imagery for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands who market products to people of all colors and body types in an era of inclusion and global diversity. As Martine looks to work with more of these brands, she chose Unified Theory as her branding agency to design a new brand identity for her that would elevate and establish her as the playful yet talented photographer that she is.

The initiative recently won silver in the Graphis 2019 Design Annual.


Martine Severin Brand Identity and Elements

Martine's elegant imagery reflects the diversity that exists in our world. She brings curiosity and a sense of playful freshness to her work. We used these two experience attributes as a guide for the logotype and brand expression.

Martine Severin Animated Logotype
Martine Severin website mock-up
Symilone by Martine Severin
Rine by Martine Severin
Martine Severin Branded Portfolio

After researching her closest competitors, it was clear the identity needed to take a somewhat bolder approach to differentiate her, without reducing impact from work itself. We explored numerous logotype options, and always a bright, bold color palette to convey this playfulness. Settling on an almost Canary yellow, we paired our colors with a simple and subtle pattern echoing the dot patterns oftentimes found in camera viewfinders. This was extended into the tittle of the 'i' in the logotype. Across applications, the expression behaves as a flexible pattern that frames Martine's work.

Martine Severin Portfolio Spreads
Martine Severin Brand Expression
Martine Severin Photographer, debossed Business Cards
Model Sophia Andries
Paris Jolly for The Rock Agency
Martine Severin Branded Postcards and Mailers
Martine Severin Mailer and poster roll
Martine Severin Brand Identity Toolkit