belau kanu club

A new identity for a local canoe club 

Brand Identity / Brand Communications / Apparel

As part of our ongoing work with organizations in Palau, Micronesia, we had the opportunity to create a new visual identity for a local outrigger canoe in Palau. Outrigger canoeing is a historic means of transportation that originated in the Pacific and holds cultural significance in Palau.




the brief

The Belau Kanu Club is a non-profit organization whose goal is to celebrate both the culture and competition of outrigger canoeing in Palau. The BKC competes with other Micronesian groups in both individual and 6-person canoe races. As a somewhat new organization, the BKC looked to Unified Theory for help in developing an identity to represent the organization visually.

belau kanu club primary logo lock up on navy blue background
Belau Kanu Club Logo Reversed
Belau Kanu Club on Color

the making of a mark

While most sports teams typically try to be louder than their competitors with their identities and mascots, our logo is set apart from its competition by the simplistic approach we took in designing the mark. Creating a more refined and subtle mark, this young team begins to feel well established. We call attention to tradition by creating a symbol that gently plays with the letters "BKC" in directional, geometric forms lending motion to the mark.

Belau Kanu Club logo build



looking back on history

Being a culturally significant sport in Palau, we drew inspiration from symbols and artworks that reflect Palauan island culture, most notably the designs painted on the outside of the traditional meeting houses. The resulting graphic device worked throughout the communications is a modern take on these traditional designs.

Belau Kanu Club Process



bringing it together

The color palette is derived from the national flag, paired with accent colors to round out the visuals where necessary, and applied transparently to create depth. To extend the sharp, geometry of the logo, we picked a modern, geometric sans-serif as the primary typeface, paired with a secondary condensed set of fonts that make an elegant impact when needed in communications.

Belau Kanu Club typography in modern Knockout and Verlag typefaces
Belau Kanu Club color palette
Belau Kanu Club rashguard with graphic device of triangles on the sleeves
Belau Kanu Club small bag with triangle pattern and logo printed on the front
Belau Kanu Club Oar
Belau Kanu Club outrigger canoe brand system